Apart from having fun and blasts during college days, students also have to effectively accomplish their college level projects. These projects, carried out on a basic or preliminary level, are known as Academic Projects. Such projects are generally the first step towards getting acquainted to the real time processes of the actual industry. Being thorough with learning and training is a must, when you work on such academic level projects.We undertake project guidance for students studying for BTech/MCA./BCA/MSc Computer Science/BSc Computer Science. The project provided depends on the topic of interest and the domain. Students can be provided with real projects also if sufficient time persists for completion of the project. The projects are of short duration from 3months to 6months.

We also undertake IEEE projects

A project that derives its core idea from an IEEE paper is generally regarded as a IEEE project.Sometimes the scope of a single paper might be too small for a worthy final year project, in which case more than one IEEE papers can be taken as base papers.Our team takes development in IEEE projects.

Our development platforms:

  • PHP
  • C/C++
  • IEEE